Thursday, November 08, 2007


Wednesday, yesteryday, Andrea had the 12+ stitches (which is U shaped) removed from her head that covered the Ommaya reservoir. Today she went to have chemo inserted into the Ommaya and it was clogged. Bummer, hiccup, oh rats. (They tested it last Thursday and Friday and it worked!)
Tomorrow, Friday, she will have the normal radiation in the morning and then go for blood work and a CT scan of her brain to determine if the clog can be fixed or if she will need to have a new Ommaya reservoir put in. We are praying for the unclogging!!!!
Needless to say, the Brain and Spine unit is so much different than the Bone Marrow Transplant/Stem Cell Transplant Unit. Andrea is bouncing back and forth between the 2 units now. You've sometimes heard the comment, "well, it's not brain surgery"; Well, this IS brain surgery, and we are confident that Andrea (with God) will prevail again. Thank you for your encouragement. Every day, we have heard from one of you and that really, really helps.
Love to all, as we also pray for you and yours.


Anonymous said...

Me and the boys are praying every night for our pretty cousin from Texas. Much love :)

Angie Deuel Foster

carolyn frazier said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the clog, and pray that it clears up or that it is easily fixed (without another reservoir).

Andrea -- you are my hero, and always will be. There are reasons for all of this, but I just don't know what they are. We get bits and pieces of the big picture everyday, but we just don't know how they are all going to fit altogether. I pray for a beautiful picture for you life.

Love, Carolyn

sharna said...

You are a strong woman and a walking miracle ;and I have every faith that you will continue to be so. I pray for you everyday. While things are gray right now, I always remember your positive energy and your brightness. Keep that with you always for it is the key to your happiness. You will see the light at the tunnel. Us texas women are tough take a licken and keep ticken. I am giving shanna a Reiki bear to give to you , she will explain. Take care. You have a lot of love to still give so smile when you can.

sharna christensen

Aunt Peggy and Dan too! said...

Andrea,Try to keep your chin up, things will start to look up. You have been added to many prayer lists at lots of churches here in Corinth and we are all praying for you. Lots of Love, Peggy

Anonymous said...


You are in our thoughts and prayers. We are here for you when you need us. God bless you and keep you strong.

Alice and Art