Sunday, February 08, 2009

Critical Monday

Monday will be very critical as the MDA team of doctors decide to (or not to) put a feeding tube in Andrea's tummy until this nerve disruption subsides which is causing her to choke on liquids and escape to her lungs. The brain doctor says he sees an indication that it will subside and she can recover from this fully. She is still in the hospital and resting not so comfortably, but as always, Andrea is a real trooper and tries her very best. She sends her prayers and love to each of you, because she is so grateful for you praying for her.


Phil said...

We'll continue to pray. You're right-- this is unbelievable. Let us know if there is anything that you need. We want to help any way we can.

Carolyn Frazier said...

Andrea -- you are a trooper. But I know you are looking forward to the time when you get such kick back and relax, and I pray for that to happen very soon.

I lift you up to God everyday, and I know you are in the best of hands.

Love, Carolyn

jamiebeth04 said...

I read your mom's blog often and continue to keep you and Jay and the rest of your family in my prayers. You are a fighter. Don't give up! I wish I was there to help your family with drives to and from MDA, parking, meals, etc. Our family had many good years at MDA and are so thankful for the wonderful care. Hang in there and remember what you are fighting for! You are amazing!
Jamie Hancock Amerman