Monday, February 16, 2009

ICU Mon 2/16

Andrea started talking yesterday afternoon and this morning she is telling us about all kinds of events. Some of them are very factual and others we have had to tell her that it was just dreams she's been having over the past week. Last night we had the dr. give her Ambien because she has been in such a half wake/half sleep state that she really was sleep deprived.
Today they are taking her off some antibiotics, increasing her tube feedings, and giving her dialysis to help her kidneys. She's been coughing a lot of stuff from her lungs, so they will be watching that too. They want to more comfortable with her lung and kidney capability before they let her go from ICU. I know Andrea is "back" with us because this morning when I was massaging/exercising her feet and ankles, I asked her where she wanted to walk to. She said "Home". I told her everyone is praying for that and it will happen as soon as the lung/kidney function gets in sync. Your prayers are being answered in the way you are asking and what you are asking for. Thanks.


Carolyn said...

Hi Andrea -- you just get ready to walk away from there, because I know you will be doing that soon. You are such a brave, strong, and amazing person. My thoughts and prayers are with you always.

Love, Carolyn

erin kay rucker said...

I'm ready for you to come home too Andrea...

Thailand Tracey said...

Sending you all lots of hugs and most especially prayers.