Thursday, February 12, 2009

ICU Thurs 2/12

The potent antibiotics kept the pneumonia from getting worse. Andrea can respond by blinking for yes and shaking her head for no. She is on a BiPap breathing machine that supplies both pressure and oxygen, so hopefully the result will be somewhat related to what the doctors were looking for in the hyperbaric chamber by adding pressure and oxygen in the blood stream. We are being reminded of the blood gases and acid in the blood that we all deal with every day and are never aware of because we just feel okay.
Please keep up your kind prayers because we feel she is better today than yesterday. Prayer is THE very best thing you can do for her.


Carolyn said...

Dear All,

So glad today is better than yesterday. I have been anxiously checking the blog site for news. I hope things keep getting better. That is my constant prayer.



ei said...

We keep thinking of you here and hope that progress is made every day. Prayers coming your way......

Eileen and Bill

Trish and Pat said...

Its wonderful to hear better news. We've been so worried about all of you this week.

The faith and strength you display is such an example. How can Andrea battle more?

We know that this has been a challenging week following up a number already challenging weeks. Never think that Andrea has been forgotten a day in our thoughts and prayers.

Love always,