Friday, February 06, 2009

Hospital, again

The pain block in the face trigeminal nerve seems to have worked, but since Andrea is supposed to taper off the pain meds for it, we won't really know until Monday or Tuesday.
The last two days has been strange, though, because this chemo nerve disruption has caused Andrea to cough or almost choke when eating or more especially drinking fluids, which most of you know she tries to have a water bottle around all the time to help her kidneys.
Today we started out at physical therapy at MDA, had lunch, went shopping for some Puma tennis shoes, went to an MRI, then to the Brain & Spine doctor. He examined her and personally pushed her wheelchair to the MDA Emergency Room to get all the tests they needed on a Friday at 5 p.m. (He knew there was no other way to find out what he needed to know at this time of week day.) As he suspected, Andrea has infiltrates (- fluids-) pneumonia in the right side of her lungs. She can't eat or drink until Saturday when they find out if she can eat or drink without it going to her lungs.
Again, all this just seems unbelievable, but we keep praying. Thanks for yours.


Emily said...

Continuing to lift Andrea up DAILY in our prayers.

The Dyess Family said...


Carolyn said...

I keep praying and praying.

Andrea -- I think about you every day, and know that next week is your last week in the hyperbaric chamber. I'm glad the pain block seems to be working, and I pray that you will be able to eat and drink again without the other things going on.

Love to you and your family,