Saturday, March 22, 2008

Even Wtih....

Even with nose bleeds and lining of the mouth and throat raw, at 7 a.m. this morning the doctor said Andrea was doing very well at this stage of the transplant. Thank you very much! She received platelets today, which explain why those nose bleeds were occurring.
She will get through this, too, as she did last time - - with God's help and your continued prayers. (I Samuel 17:47 The battle belongs to the Lord.). Andrea is very positive and just counting the days when she will be well enough to go home. We watched funny DVDs last night and said meaningful, heartfelt prayers before sleeping.
Every single one of your prayers are so much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea and J., I hope things are a little better for you today. I would love to be near you guys so I could help some. You are a very strong young lady with a lot of people that love you. We keep you in our heart and in our prayers. Love, Aunt Peggy

carolyn frazier said...

Hi Andrea,

You are amazing. I read about you daily and just marvel at your progress and your strength and your endurance.

Keep it up. Before you know it 30 days will be past and then the 100 days, and you will probably be out running a marathon.

Hayley and I watched Enchanted last night it was a nice, sweet, light-hearted movie. Try that one if you haven't already.

You're like the little Eveready bunny -- just keep going and going, and thank God.

Look forward to more good news.

Love, Carolyn