Monday, March 17, 2008

Successful Transplant!

Andrea got up this morning, took her 1-mile walk around the 11th floor of MDA and patiently waited for her doctor to come by for his assessment. Then, about 1:30 p.m. she had her stem cell transplant administered. Her dad is with her this afternoon and I called to see if she needed anything else. She said "Just to take a nap", so I took the hint!
Thank you to all for your continued prayers. God listens.


Anonymous said...

Andrea -

I just wanted to let you know that me, Dan and our families are praying for you to get through this with the least amount of complications and pain for you. We love you and hope you get better soon!

Jill & Dan

carolyn frazier said...

Hi Andrea,
Well the one-mile-walk alone would have done me in. I'm glad this part is behind you. Now, let the healing begin.
Take lots of naps. You're an amazing young woman. I still have to remind myself that you and Annie are 26-27. I still see you in elementary school at sleepovers.
Prayers continue.
Love, Carolyn

Alice said...

Hi Andrea,

Katrina told me how wonderful you look and how strong you are. She told me about your one mile walk. FANTASTIC!! We are always praying for you.

Alice and Art

Anonymous said...

Judy and I eagerly watch this blogspot each day to learn of your continuing journey. We were delighted to know that you could "walk a mile for a...stem cell".

Blessings from Tyler,

Allen Thyssen

Anonymous said...

YAYAYAY!! I am so glad everything went well. I can not think of anyone I would rather share a St. Pat b-day with! I talked to Roni last night and she says "hello." She wanted to know if you could talk on the phone. I hope to see you soon! Of course that means I will have to come to you - so I will work on that!

Love you,


Anonymous said...


Great to hear you are doing your one mile walk around the unit. We continue to pray for complete healing.

Shelia & Jim