Thursday, March 27, 2008

There's Sunshine Behind the Clouds

Even though Andrea is experiencing all the aches, pains and fever that is expected with treatment, the doctor said she is doing well for all that is anticipated. She had no fever this morning and her white cell count Finally came up from zero to .2, so hopefully she can start momentum towards the healthy direction again. We know she can do it, with God's miracles and your prayers.
Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7


Anonymous said...

Great NEWS!!

It is exciting to know everything is progressing well. God is Good!! I know this is a long process for you but we all know there is Sunshine Behind This Cloud...Looking Forward to the July Sunshine...
Shelia & Jim

Anonymous said...

Still lifting you up in prayers, sweet girl!! It sounds like you are doing great and calling on our faithful God to help you through it all. Our teachers and staff prayed for you this morning and some have specially mentioned they will continue to do so. We love to hear the progress and check the blog daily to see how God is working. We love you dearly--Gay & Doug

Anonymous said...

YOU are the sunshine behind the clouds. With your strength and courage and God's love you will get through this. I think of you daily and keep you in my prayers.
Linda Jarnagin

carolyn frazier said...

Dear Andrea,
The news sounds good. You are truly a miracle of God.

Frosty tried to donate some platelets, but was turned down because he had quinine in his system from one of his trips. Normally you have to wait 6 months to donate, but MD makes you wait a year, which is good and on the cautious side.

It seems like everyday is getting better for you, and I pray that it continues.

Love, Carolyn

Anonymous said...

That is great news!

You are in our prayers everyday.

Justin & Courtney Robertson

Anonymous said...


Love ya,

Jennifer Harp