Saturday, March 15, 2008

Working Out the Kinks

We've come to find out that nothing ever goes smoothly for Andrea. The clinical study that she is in requires medicine that can cause fever, itching, pains, etc., etc. She experienced all those plus the neurological headaches that Andrea had gotten under control last week before admission. After a very rough night, the nurses called the doctors and they were able to put together a concoction of medicines to counteract the fevers, itching, and headaches by the morning.
Andrea took her hardest dose of chemo today that required her to continuously suck on ice chips in her mouth for an hour and a half - - before, during and after the the chemo. This type of chemo causes mouth sores (called mucocitis), so we're just hoping that freezing her mouth will help head off some of the side affects.
2 Days until Transplant.


carolyn frazier said...

Hi Andrea,

I've been out of town and out of touch. So sorry this chemo isn't going comfortably, but I hope that whatever M.D. Anderson whips up for you will make the side effects better.

I had the mouth sores, and there was some medicine that I used to gargle with. I wish I could remember the name, but maybe you can ask them there if one exists. But I do love ice chips. Hope they are helping. And if you need the name of whatever I used, I will call my oncologist.

You're in my heart and prayers all of the time.

Love you and take care.


Anonymous said...

Monday 5/17
Andrea & Family

Please know you are in my prayers today. The GREAT "I AM", STILL IS!! His Amazing Grace will see you through...He is your Strength Today..

Love You...

Jessica said...

Hi Andrea,

I got your blog site from Emily White. I just wanted you to know lots of prayers from Oklahoma are going up for you, especially today.

I've never met you, but you sound like an incredibly strong person. I hope all is well.