Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Subclavian Catheter is in!

Thank goodness Andrea was one of the first procedures this morning for anethesia because you cannot eat or drink anything before that. The subclavian catheter was successfully implanted and she got to eat afterwards then slept-off the anesthesia most of the day.
We will report again bright and early at 7:30 tomorrow (Wed) to receive her first out patient chemo in the new catheter. It is a new monoclonal anitbody that Andrea did not have during the first stem cell transplant. It is supposed to work with Andrea's immune system to 'target and destroy only cancer cells'. It sounds great until you read some of the side affects, but we will not worry about those now! We'll take it 'day by day' for the next 4 months, with God's help.


Anonymous said...


Please know we are praying in Corinth. We Love You...


Ken Schaefer said...

Not sure why I checked the site tonight. Andrea, I may have said this to you before - my favorite verse is Joshua 1:9, I find great strength in that, and I will pray that over you tonight. You are a tremendous credit to our Savior.
Ken Schaefer