Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Another great day 1-11-06

Today was definitely a great day for Andrea. She breathed on her own all day (30% O2) and was able to talk through a voice box. There was not a fever all day (98.6) and late in the day she convinced the doctors to allow her to eat jello, broth, apple juice, and water. This was after they shut down the tube feed because her stomach wasn't tolerating the liquid food. She had begged for just a huge glass of water for the last two day. No food or water for 49 days. Can you blame her? Jesus only fasted for 40 days. Andrea was so happy to have food and water for the first time. Let's pray that her stomach jump starts and she is able to tolerate real food.

The other great thing that happened today was that the order was issued for Andrea to be moved the PCU (ICU step down unit). Once a private room becomes available she will be moved. There they have one nurse to every four patients. Andrea is excited about the move. Maybe she will move tomorrow. Thank you everyone for all the cards. Andrea really enjoys to hear from all of you. New update coming tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

J. & Andrea-
What a blessing for such a wonderful day! These are huge steps in the right direction and we pray Andrea continues to make such strides. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones. Keep up the hard work and deterimination. Andrea, you are on your way! J., thank you again for keeping us all current on Andrea's progress. Your Mom has been a saint for keeping us in the loop...

Thinking of you-
Jenifer & Shane Young

Anonymous said...

Andrea, I've started praying for a real meal (however -in God's time only) how about steak, gravy, potatoes, salad & a large glass of iced tea with dessert / whatever you want!!!! You are on your way and you'll get there before you know it....and it will all work out in His time for your very best. God loves you so much! It is absolutely beautiful to witness the awesome powerful loving personal relationship you and your family are experiencing with Him during this time. He never allows more than we can handle. Continuing to pray for you each day for complete healing in the name of Jesus.

Anonymous said...


jadyn said...

andrea and j

we are glad to hear everything is improving, maybe yall can get in a private room soon.

we are thinking of yall
chasity, jadyn, jason calvary

Alex Hall said...

Miracles really do come true! Andrea, you are such a fighter and we are all so blessed to know you. You give us all inspiration! Jay, you are so strong and your faith continuously amazes us. You are a rock! Thank you so much for this blog. We read it every morning and both of your strength gives us inspiration and hope. Our prayers continue and our faith grows day by day! We love you both!
Alex and Bart Hall

Janet Holley said...

I'm am so happy for you, Andrea. It's amazing what God can do!

Praying in Corinth

Anonymous said...

Andrea, I am so glad to hear of your improvement. Praise the Lord!
My prayer is that our Father will heal you completely and we will all rejoice together. I pray daily for the Lord to provide you and your parents a peace that passes all understanding.

Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled that Andrea is being healed. The Lord will heal her 100%! I pray for her everyday. She is an inspiration to me in many ways! What an awesome guy you are to do this site for her. Y'all are blessed and will continue to be blessed.
Stay strong!

God is GOOD!


Jennifer Harp said...


Before you know it we will be able to eat SUSHI! I love you; keep up the good work!

Jen Harp

Joe & Cathy Shea said...

Andrea - We are praying for you every day. It is great to see God at work. I bet Jello tasts pretty good after 49 days!
We love you. :)