Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Continued Improvement 1-4-06

Sorry I haven't posted in two days. Monday night I was worn out and last night I stayed with Andrea all night. Monday Andrea stood with help and took a few steps then sat in the recliner for thirty minutes. The rest of the day went fine and she had a healing day. She actually got some sleep Monday night and felt rested Tuesday morning.

Tuesday wa little rougher but turned out to be a good day. She had to receive dialysis which made her really cold. This time though she didn't have such a bad reaction and tolerated it well. She continues to talk to me all day and I have become an expert on reading lips. They also started feeding her again last night and she seems to be tolerating it well. This should help get her GI tract working better. She did continue to run a fever yesterday (100-101), but hopefully that will resolve itself soon. We also discovered that the skin irritation on one of her hands and arm might be causing a low grade fever. We should know more about this after today.

Last night Andrea slept well and didn't wake up but a few times. Her fever got up to 101.7 around 2AM, but when I left this morning at 6AM it was 100.2. I called her Mom at noon this morning and she said that her liver and kidney numbers had improved. Her platelets have stayed around 100 the last four or five days and this is great news in regard to the cancer. She continues to do exercises with the PT and OT. We planning on her having a healing day today. No dialysis or big tests today. Pray for another good day and for the doctors to find the source of this fever. That's everyone for the support.


Janice Holley said...

I was beginning to get worried about Andrea when you hadn't posted lately. I am proud to hear that everything is improving. I have thought of both of you often the last couple of days.


Janet Holley said...

It's great to hear from you today. Keep your chin up and remember we are thinking of you daily. She is very lucky to have you in her life!


Alex Hall said...

Hi Jay-
Thank you again so much for this wonderful means for communicating Andrea's daily activities and improvements. You are a wonderful person and you are both in my prayers. I sent this link to all of those people in my office that donated on behalf of Andrea. They absolutly love it. Please give Dre Bart and my love.

Carolyn Frazier said...

Dear Andrea,
I live for Jay's daily updates, and I am so thankful that they have been so good. It sounds like you are making progress, and I know that you will continue to do so. I will keep praying about the source of the infection.

Thanks Jay for your updates. We continually think about you and your family and the Luthringers.

Tell Andrea I found some old videos of her and Annie when they were in elementary school. They are so cute.

Love to all of you,

Carolyn Frazier

Terri Reed said...


Glad to get the update, as I have been checking the blog site several times a day. Great news about Andrea's improvement- YEAH!!! Tell her we love her and think of her constantly. We continue to pray for her health and for the future the two of you have to look forward to :) I'm back at work tonight so I'll make rounds to check on you all, love you guys !!!

Anonymous said...

Andrea here is a get well prayers for you.
If my prayers count for anything, you'll be recovered in no time at all...
If my concern for you can create heavenly protection, you have a band of angels protecting you right now
If my hopes for you have any power, you'll be better than you ever were
If my wishes for you matter, you will have no problem that you can't overcome
If faith can shield you, you'll be back to normal soon
If courage fits into the equation, I know you're brave and you're strong
If preservance is needed, I know you'll be steadfast
If attitude can help to heal you, with your positive disposition, you can't fail
If numbers ae important, I'm sending you a million wishes for your good health
If patience and rest will help you to recover, take all the time you need
Whatever it takes to get you back one hundred percent is what I want for you
"Getting you well" is what I'm praying for, and that's how it's got to be
You and J are both in my thoughts and prayers daily.

Love you both

erika said...

I'm a friend of Andrea's from work at Irwin. She's beautiful inside and out. I know that God will get her through this and give her the strength to over come this sickness. I will keep her in my prayers. Thanks for keeping us updated on her progress.. We are here for her and her family in prayer and soul.



Shelia Calvary said...

J and Andrea:
It is so great to hear of your rapid improvements. I continue to pray for the fever to break. You are both so strong and I pray for continued strength daily. I Thank God for the impovements we see daily, He is the Great Physician!
Shelia Calvary

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates Jay, We live for them. We look every night and every morning. You are in our prayers and have our thanks for your devotion to Andrea. Give her a kiss for us and tell her how much we all love her and continue to pray for her healing.
Kevin and Mary Frances Doris

Anonymous said...

J. and Andrea, I was relieved to hear from you today. I am so glad to hear of the improvements. Remember, you are in our thoughts.
Love, Aunt Peggy

Alice said...

We are so happy to hear about Andrea's continued improvement. She is in our thoughts and prayers all of the time. She is so fortunate to have your love and support, J.

Alice and Art Henderson

Scott & Shanna Hodges said...

How wonderful it is that you are doing better Dre! We know you will continue to do so, and get back to feeling like yourself soon. God is with you. Stay strong! We'll see you in a couple of days! :o)

J, again, thank you SO much for keeping everyone informed. We all knew this, but you truly are such a blessing for Andrea. See ya soon!

Shanna & Scott

Penny Bevill said...

I was so glad Terri called to give us the blog address. Have kept all of you in thought and prayer daily. You are so precious Andrea. Every morning on my way to work I lift you up in prayer. And what a blessing that Jay is!!!!
This is a great way to keep us all posted. Sending hugs and lots of love (to mom and dad too)-Penny

jadyn said...

hey j and andrea

we hope you continue to improve, and remember we are thinking of you always.