Saturday, January 07, 2006

Another wonderful day 1-7-06

Yesterday was another wonderful day for Andrea. Her temp came down to some degree (99-100.6) and didn't go higher all day. The liver and kidneys numbers came down again and her breathing continues to improve. It really looks like the new antibiotics they are giving her are lowering her temp. The eye specialist came by yesterday and said that her eyes still had blood floating around that prevents her from seeing. He said that the blood should drain out over time and if that doesn't occur (let's pray it does) there are procedures to remove the fluid. Andrea has been really scared that she is blind and this helped clear some things up for her. The spots on her hand and arm continue to look better.

Andrea got out of bed again and sat in a recliner for 3 hours and had no problems. She also did exercises while she was in the chair. Yesterday was a wonderful day for Andrea and we look forward to continued improvement. Let's pray for all of this to continue and for God to be there with her the whole way holding her hand. She is so strong and has already made true believers out of all the doctor, nurses, me, and her family and friends.


Shelia Calvary said...


It is great to hear Andrea is doing so much better. We continue to pray for you daily.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. Nothing is impossible with God. Mike, Sherry, Hayley, Dustin and Cheryl are praying for you daily. We love you and J.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Andrea, but found out about her situation from Suzy Adams (I help her in the nursery at West Houston). I have been praying for her everyday, and it is heart warming to read all of the progress that Andrea is making. We will continue the prayers! Andrea~Keep amazing the doctors and nurses with your optimism, strength, courage and determination. For through you they are seeing that All things are possible through HIM.

Mary Frances Doris said...

It is fabulous to hear how well Andrea is doing. As a nurse I firmly believe that a supportive family and God are more important than modern medicine. I believe in miracles and I believe that God is holding Andrea in his hand. His will be done!
To Bob and Kathy, as parents, Kevin and I feel your emotions as our own and continue to pray and believe.
We love you.
Kevin and Mary Frances

Raven Platt said...

Hey Andrea and J.-

I'm so happy you made this web page J. It's awesome!! Andrea your progress is amazing and I love seeing your parents come home at night smiling about the day you had. You are doing such a great job beating this and you are an amazing example of stregnth to everyone! I miss you and I love you and I'm praying for you always.
I'll see ya soon!
Love, Rave

Anonymous said...

Great news & so much to sing about.....just for starters.....

Every day with Jesus, is sweeter than the day before.
Every day with Jesus, I love Him more and more.
Jesus saves and keeps me, and He's the one we're living for.

I pray for God's devine healing for you Andrea, with each new day continuing "sweeter than the day before" in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.

Peggy said...

J. I love to read your daily news briefs daily. Keep up the good work. Your Mom should have some great pictures of you and Andrea at Jason and Chasity's wedding. I know a have one and your Mom made them on her digital camera and she saved them to your PaPa's computer.We are praying for
Andrea daily.
Aunt Peggy

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see that you are getting better everyday! I pray every day for you and that you get well soon! You are in my thougths and prayers. i love you! Hayley Duhon