Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What a Day 1-10-06

Yesterday Andrea breathed on her own all day and was giving a voice box so she could talk. Hopefully it won't be long before she can have all the breathing devices removed and she can eat and drink normally. All she talks about is ice water and eating some hospital food. I can't blame her.

Yesterday her kidney doctor said she doesn't need dialysis anymore unless something changes. They went ahead and pulled the catheters for dialysis out of her groin. This is a huge step for her. Let's all pray that her kidneys continue to improve and that she doesn't need dialysis again.

Her liver numbers also came down like I thought they would, but let's pray for this to continue. Yesterday the fever was gone and she had a 97.9 temp all day. Her platelet count was at 149 yesterday morning (this is a normal value).

Theses are all huge improvement for Andrea, but she can't leave the hospital just yet. They are most likely going to move to the Progressive Care Unit soon. That's all I can think of right now, but I will update everyone again soon. Keep the prayers coming. Andrea told me to tell everyone that she love each and every one of you. Thanks for your support.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that we continue to monitor this site and are continuing our prayers for Andrea and family. We are so thankful for Andrea's improvement and that God is answering our prayers acording to our asking.

Steve and Karen Morris

Terri Reed said...

Don't you know the talk in Heaven is "who is this Andrea girl that everybody loves so much and is praying for so often". All the glory goes to God for your improvement! Your recovery is such a testimony for faith & the power of prayer. It has been such a joy to watch you get better; it is a blessing for me to work at St. Luke's and get to see you and get to care for you, your parents, J & Betty. Tim & I love you so much, we continue to pray earnestly for your complete recovery.

Janet Holley said...

janeGREAT! I know how it feels to cross major hurdles with a person who means the world to you. It's a feeling that can't ever be explained. Tell Andrea she is doing a great job! I really hope she knows how lucky she is to have you in her life. You are a very special young man and I'm glad you have found someone like Andrea. I feel as though I have known her for a very long time.

Praying in Corinth

Janet Holley

annie said...

i'm so proud of you. you are doing amazing. i know things will keep improving. and God is listening to all our prayers. i will continue to pray so that you will leave the hospital as soon as possible. you're beautiful and strong.
i love you!!

Anonymous said...

keep fighting! I am soo glad to hear that you are improving everyday. You are in my thouhts and prayers. love Hayley

Carolyn Frazier said...

Hi Andrea --
I am so glad to hear of all the progress you have made over the last few days. That is amazing. It is definitely the power of prayer combined with your brave and courageous self.

We will keep on praying and you keep on fighting, and I know you will be out of there soon.

J-- thanks again for the updates. I have all the people at my work reading them, and I know the ones who do pray are praying for Andrea.


Carolyn Frazier

Anonymous said...

Andrea & J,
Thanks to Shanna Hodges and your blog, we here at Taylor High School are able to keep up with your continuing progress each day. J, thanks for Andrea's daily prognosis. It really helps to know what to specifically pray for. What a wonderful God we serve! He has answered prayers so abundantly and He will continue to see you through this difficult ordeal. Please know all of our thoughts and prayers are with you all. I no longer work with David Youngblood because he is not a Grade Level Principal, but I'm here to tell you that I still hold the 1999 class in my heart!
I remain in prayer,

Gee Robins

Anonymous said...

Andrea & J,
I just read J's update on 1-10-06 and was so excited to read of the progress for Andrea. We are praying for you and hopefully you will get a little stronger everyday. You are in thoughts daily.
Randall Chumley
Irwin Mortgage/Atlanta


J, this is the best news!! Andrea, keep up the good work sweetheart- you are so strong pretty girl! I am just thrilled to hear of andrea's progress- God really does feel everyone's thoughts and prayers and it sounds like he's got his work cut out for him! I love ya Andrea- "Katie Cow"

Nikki Wingate said...

Andrea, it is absolutely WONDERFUL to read about your improvements! I pray that everything I hear and read will continue to be good news!

Jay, what you are doing for Andrea is AWESOME! She needs someone strong and it seems as though you have been just that person! You are in her life for a reason and she is blessed to have you!

I will continue to pray for both of you and your families!

Love You, Nikki

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea and J.

What great news!! We are all continually praying for you. Also many people in other parts of the U. S. that you do not know are praying and seeing your daily progress through this site. We know that God has the situation in his hands and that is a wonderful feeling. Thank you, J., for this wonderful way to keep up with Andrea's progress. You are awesome!!

Love, Alice and Art Henderson

Trish Henderson said...

I am a friend of Janice and Janet's in Corinth. I, too, know what the power of prayer can do for you. Just know that I am praying for you and will start a prayer chain for you with some of my christian friends. Always look to God and keep the faith even when seems like it is impossible.


Trish Henderson

janice holley said...

Tell Andrea that we continue to remember her in our prayers and I know she can beat this thing!!!!!

Much Love,


Terri Lukeman said...

What great news! I'm so happy to hear of Andrea's progress. I know she will continue to get stronger each day. She is such an amazing person. I have everyone around me praying daily for her. I will continue to keep both of you and your families in my prayers.

Terri Lukeman

Shelia Calvary said...

WOW! What Great News!!!
What miracles you have to proclaim. Keep focused! You are almost to Progressive Care. God is SO GOOD!

Anonymous said...

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! Continuing in prayer daily for your healing Andrea. God bless you and yours..

Betty R said...

If this improvement doesn't exhibit love and prayers answered...........then I don't know what does!

We love all of you and the prayers continue..........

Peggy Walls said...

J. GREAT!!! I love to hear good news. Keep writing. It sure look like the prayers are working. I knew they would.
Love, Aunt Peggy

Corinne Knudsen said...


I wanted to send you my love and blessing and let you know that you are also in the hearts and minds of everyone I know here in Washington D.C.
I know God has a close watch on you and pray for your quick recovery.

With love,