Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Day (-1)

Andrea had another good day with no complications and was able to get her day of rest before the transplant. The actual transplant will be just like getting a unit of blood. They will hang the bag and the marrow will drip for a hour or so. Please continue to pray that Andrea's body will take Kristin's marrow with no complications. Tomorrow truly is going to be miraculous day. Lets all stop and say a prayer for Andrea.

Andrea is still getting around just fine. She gets out of bed to use the restroom and take walks throughout the day. She has lost part of her appetite but that goes with the territory. There has been no concern about her organ functions like last time. Heart, kidneys, liver, and lungs all look good.

Thank again to everyone who sent gifts. I continue to take her one each day after work and it sure does brighten her day. I am truly amazed by the spirit Andrea shows through these hard times and it sure does make my life a little easier. Even during times like this Andrea is very concerned about everyone else. She is such a caring person and loves each and every one of you so much. God Bless.


Carolyln Frazier said...

Dear Andrea -- all of the Fraziers are thinking of you and praying for you and holding you near and dear to our hearts. I am so glad for the daily update. You are truly one of God's little miracles.

Love, the Fraziers

Shelia & Jim said...

Please know you are in our prayers today! Thanks J. for the updates.

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea, I'm still praying for you several times a day. I'm asking the Lord to comfort you in his arms. To give you strength and peace. Fear Not!

Your Brother in Christ!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!
I hope the transplant was an awesome success today. I am praying for you always. I know this is the busiest time ever, but when you can please give me a call J. My phone broke and I had to get a new one, so I don't have any of your phone numbers and I really want to hear how everything is going!!
I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Whoops, I forgot to add that the above comment came from Raven.
I'm an idiot.