Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Day (+7)

As to be expected Andrea's platelet count dropped to 20 today and she will most likely need a transfusion. All this is something that the doctors are used to for bone marrow transplants, but it sure is rough. Due to the chemo Andrea's throat hurts extremely bad. She is on pain meds 24/7, but this is said to reverse itself after the new marrow starts to graft. The doctors say around day +10 to +14 day. She started receiving Nuepogen shots today to stimulate the new marrow.

As far as donating platelets, I would advise you to go to the location on Fannin which is a more equipped facility. The blood center in MD Anderson at the Medical Center doesn't operate the most efficiently for the most part. You should be able to find the link and more information on donating platelets in the post before this one.

Please continue to pray for Andrea and she will make it through this tough week. I will post another update sometime tomorrow. God Bless and Good Night.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Andrea & families!
Hang in there Andrea and you will be on the other side of this process soon....we are all praying for your continued strength and healing in the Lord...continue to abide in Him and heal in His comfort and peace...lifting you up in prayer as always..Love, mBeyer

jadyn said...


we are all thinking of you, we hope you have a great day.

jadyn calvary

Anonymous said...


Hang in there... You have come so far and the hard part is almost over. Just think, by the end of this you will be a card game expert and the hollywood gossip guru. Anyway, we are thinking about you and praying for you.

Love ya

Michelle, Jason and Avery

Sara Farris said...

Hey Andrea and J,

This is the toughest part right now, but I promise the soreness will eventually go away (sooner than later). In the meantime, just keep yourself on those pain meds. It's not worth being "tough" through this part. Also, the neupogin shots tend to make Clint's bones hurt, so don't be alarmed if you start to feel a little achy. Your body is working double-time to rebound from being wiped out.

When you start to feel better soon, let's plan to get together for a game of cards. Take care. You're in my prayers!


Shelia & Jim said...

Our prayers are with you. We are praying for your mouth and hope you will be able to eat better today. We continue to pray for your strength.