Sunday, May 07, 2006

Day (-3)

If you are wondering about the title this is bone marrow transplant terminology. The negative three means we are three days away from the actual transplant. Today Andrea received another dose of chemo like she did the two prior days. She continues to be lively like always and we walk three times a day. Everything is working properly and her spirits are high.

Since she started receiving everyone's gifts on Friday, she began to wonder what was going on. Today I told her about what we have all been doing and it really brightened her day. Every time I give her a new gift there is just a huge smile that comes across her face. It make may day and more importantly her day a more special one. Thanks again for everyone support and continue praying for a successful transplant and a quick recovery.

Tomorrow she will receive her last infusion of chemo (2 drugs today) and then Tuesday she will rest. Overall things are right where they need to be for the transplant and no complications have arisen. On to the next update and God Bless.

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Michelle Meyer said...

If there is one person in the world that can make your disease look like a common cold it is you. You look like you got a new hip hair cut and that is it. You look fantastic! I am so glad that things are going well with your treatment and I can't wait to hear the next update. I am thinking about you all the time and I have some fun stuff coming to you.

Love you.