Friday, May 05, 2006

The Journey Begins

Last night we got Andrea situated in her room at MD Anderson. The room seems so much more pleasant than the one at St. Lukes. Not to knock St. Lukes but it sure was loud in that hospital and privacy was to a minimum. Her room at MDA is quiet and more private.

Last night after I left they started an IV to begin hydration. She went to sleep around 10:30PM and I talked to her this morning around 8:00AM. Every four hours they take her vital signs which means they woke her at midnight and 4am. Everyone who enters her room has to wear a mask and gloves. Visitors are to be kept to a minimum.

Today they will begin chemo which will be a four day process. The next four days she will receive Fludarabine for 30 min/day. Then on the fourth day (Monday) she will also receive Melphalan for 30 min. On the fifth day she will get to rest and on the sixth day she will receive Kristin's bone marrow which will probably take around an hour. Then the recovery process will begin.

Andrea is required to walk around the unit for 10 min/day three times each day. Every two hours she must do breathing exercises with a incentive spirometer to keep her lungs clear. Also she must rinse her mouth every two hours with baking soda to keep her mouth clean and prevent mouth sores which are very common with chemo treatment. There are many more requirements which will all help her stay healthy.

Thanks to everyone for all the gifts and I will start giving them to her today. She is good spirits and continues to make all of us laugh. I think she is going to be comedian when she conquers this disease. In the mean time she will continue to amaze us. Thanks for the support and I will keep you all inform to the best of my ability. Have a wonderful day and God Bless.

Oh I forgot to tell everyone. On Wednesday night my Dad, Bob (Robert), and Chris McIntosh all let Andrea shave their heads. They look great and I will post a picture when Bob emails them to me.

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Anonymous said...

We continue to think of you each and every day. You are such an inspiration to all of us. Stay strong and we are counting down the days until you are home!!
Paige (Megans sister)